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Dear Students:

Welcome to NEW YORK INSTITUTE OF FINE ARTS. We would like to extend a warm welcome and to share some information that we hope you will find useful in reaching your educational goals.

NEW YORK INSTITUTE OF FINE ARTS is committed to providing comprehensive academic support programs and services to all students. Your success matters to us, and we are here to help guide you to your ultimate educational and career goals. We provide an array of services which will help you succeed in achieving success no matter if your goal is to complete a course or being accepted by a university to  complete degree program.

The Institute’s Division of Student Services provides students with a wide range of academic programs and support services designed to meet their specific needs to insure opportunities for a successful learning experience and achievement of academic excellence.

The services that we offer and are available to all enrolled students are:

  • Academic Advising
  • Transfer Information
  • University Placement
  • Portfolio Reviews
  • Student Employment
  • Student Clubs and Organizations
  • Scholarship Information
  • Student’s accounts
  • Admissions
  • Student Records
  • Enrollment Services
  • Testing Center
  • Student ID cards
  • Lockers & Storage
  • Lost and Found

I encourage you to access all our services and ask any one of many professional staff to assist you with your educational endeavors. Please stop at the Student Services Center, in Heaven Hall to obtain additional information or call (212) 736-5440 with any questions you may have.

It is extremely important that you take advantage of these resources to insure your educational experience is a successful and rewarding entry toward academic success.

I congratulate you for choosing such a wonderful educational institution. NEW YORK INSTITUTE OF FINE ARTS is where success begins!


Previous experience is not required for most classes. Unless otherwise noted,
students may enroll in the selected class without submitting a portfolio. Students
may request guidance in the selection of courses by contacting the School Office Services.


New York Institute of Fine Arts is not an accredited institution and therefore does
not offer degree credit for its classes. However, classes taken at the Institute may be accepted for credit by other institutions. Students should contact their receiving institutions to determine whether they can receive credit for classes completed at the institute.

University Placement Service

What are the benefits?
Applying to an institution of higher learning is stressful in any context, but can be especially complicated when applying to a higher institution in art or related field, whose standards  you might not be familiar with. Our services eliminates a lot of the guesswork and makes the process a more relaxed, comfortable, and exciting process.

We can provide support as required throughout the entire application process including

  • Selecting the qualification and institution that best suits your needs
  • Academic advice on an appropriate study plan to ensure you meet the admissions entry requirements for your selected program
  • Organizing a campus visit where you can meet staff, explore the campus, and see the facilities
  • Tracking your application to provide you with a quicker decision
  • Prepare you in advance to eliminate colleges rejection.

Ask your advisor for further information on the range of options available to you.


Students must provide their own materials. Each instructor provides a list
of suggested materials for each course. All class materials lists can be found on our
advising office. The Institute is not responsible for lost or stolen materials


The computers and printer in the New Media Room are available for use by
students when not in use by media classes. Equipment can be signed out at
the security desk and in the School office with a valid institute photo ID.


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