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If I have friends at the Art Camp, will I be in the same workshop with them?

If you specified a best friend you wanted to take a workshop with, we will make every effort to put you with that friend. However, if you applied late and your friend was already signed up in a workshop that is now full, you would not be placed in the same workshop as your friend.

How will I know where my workshops are?

Everyone comes together 10 minutes prior to the start of each workshop. The first 4 days of camp you will get a name tag with all your classes printed on it in the order you will be attending them.

What happens during breaks between workshops?

There are two 15 minute breaks between workshops 1 & 2 and again between workshops 3 & 4. These allow the teachers to prepare for their next class and gives you time to have a quick snack if you brought one. The counselors will supervise you. If you forget where your cubby, or locker is, (which is where you put your snack and belongings in) just ask them!

What happens during lunch?

Lunch is 1 hour long and happens between the second and third workshop of the day. For the first 20-25 minutes, everyone will eat lunch. You also get a cold juice. Then, once you are finished with lunch, you can just relax and talk with friends and have fun.

Do we ever go swimming or take any trips?

Yes, we organize field trips.

Can I bring my tablet, cellphone or game system?

Yes, but you wont have time to use any type of electronic items.


What if I am sick or if I miss a day?

If you are sick or know you will be gone, please have your guardian and call the office and let us know you will be absent. Sorry, there are no make-up days.

When is my payment due?

Full tuition for the session(s) you have signed  up for is due with your completed application. If you need a payment plan, please just let us know.