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The community of the art school offers professional practices, peer support and critical feedback.

New York Institute of Fine Arts is a place for national and international premier artists and architects. We are the school for the changing world is committed to global commitment. We see the creation of a culturally diverse community as an important aspect of the learning experience offered here at NYIfinearts.org.

We offer courses in different media, designed for all ages and skill levels, which are taught by professional artists who emphasize Skill Building programs, offer a way for students to gain professional skills needed in the area of training. Our daily commitment is not only to innovation and experimentation, but also to bring an opportunity to the new talents.

We have developed a range of strategic partnerships at senior levels with overseas governments, institutions and organizations, in particular with US College and universities. We work in partnership with institutions to facilitate the university admissions for our skilled students.

In addition to our complete curriculum of classes, students have access to workshops, lectures, panel discussions, critiques, and myriad other Institute events.

We have developed a range of strategic partnerships at senior levels with overseas governments, institutions and organizations, in particular with South East Asian countries such as Thailand and Vietnam. We work in partnership with institutions to facilitate teaching visits for our academic staff and we offer numerous collaborative programs with institutions across the world.

We are glad to support our students with an extraordinary personnel and devoted professors. If you have questions about our courses and training do not hesitate to contact us.

Traditional & Experimental Approach.


Great location

New York City is a center for media, culture, food, fashion, art, research, finance, and trade. It has one of the massive and most acclaimed skylines on earth, dominated by the paradigmatic Empire State Building.


New York City has a humid continental climate and experiences all four seasons, with hot and humid summers (Jun-Sep), cool and dry autumns (Sep-Dec), cold winters (Dec-Mar), and wet springs (Mar-Jun).

New York City People

There are millions of immigrants living in the city. New York’s population has been diverse since the city’s foundation. Subsequent waves of immigration from basically every nation in the world make New York a enormous social measure in cross-cultural unity.

Broadway Shows

Broadway is the sparkling beating heart of the NYC’s performing arts scene. No visit to the City is complete without encountering the rousing entertainment available in Midtown Manhattan’s Theatre District, where dozens of historic venues stage bold new musicals, long-running hits and fascinating dramas every night of the week.


Whatever your retail pleasure, you’ll find it in NYC. Stores across the five boroughs carry the finest in luxury apparel, plus gourmet goods, books, tech, gear and much more. There’s a reason why the City is known as a global shopping capital.

Museums & Galleries

New York City’s museums and galleries are some of the City’s most influential draws. Places like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the American Museum of Natural History and the Whitney Museum of American Art house immense collections and put on amazing exhibitions. Couple these with the ample array of galleries around town, and a trip to New York City turn into a visually sensational experience.


New York City is a culture of expressive arts and your chance starts here! Learn how to help create change. Not only in the lives of others, but in your own life. NYC offer a complete visual and creative experience to help you achieve your professional and personal goals.


Some of the world’s most famous events such as big festivals and holiday parades, musical performances and art exhibitions take place right here in New York City. Whether you’re planning a visit or live here, it is always something going on all the time.




Our programs, curses and trainings are ideal for students seeking artistic enrichment, eager to launch an art career, or in the midst of preparing for competitive college admissions programs.


Our main mission of the New York Institute of Fine Arts is to be a center of greatness for the provision of education, training and professional practice in the visual arts and related fields.

New York Institute of Fine Arts utilizes its independent identity and its creative approach to develop and deliver arts and cultural awareness in a local, national and international community.


Our strategic 2017 – 2020 period is to:

  • Be the academy of choice for the study art and related fields in New York Metropolitan Area
  • The School of Art’s international reach extends across locations known for creative excellence, bringing together industry, staff, alumni and students in networks of artistic endeavor.
  • Create a vibrant cultural hub that attracts and inspires New York’s diverse communities
  • Strengthen operational capacity to ensure the highest quality corporate and academic outcomes.
  • Breaking into foreign markets to create a very multicultural students population