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Please explore our programs below. We welcome students of all creative backgrounds!
Traditional & Experimental Approach.

We are committed to teaching the vital practical skills that form the foundation of a career in the field of arts.

The New York Institute of Fine Arts offers training & courses opportunities for Fine Arts, architecture & Interior Design, Digital Media Art, Fashion and Photography & Film seeking a mastering their skills, as well as those seeking admissions at the higher education. In addition we offer workshops and experiences suitable to every skill level and all levels of experience in art making. Finally, the faculty are all experienced  arts professionals, who shares theirs talent and skills.

So whether you are seeking an advanced education, a boost in creativity, a hands on arts experience or help with college admissions, the institute is there for you.

Each course culminates with the students working independently to create a cohesive body of work in their chosen  discipline, and participating in the NYI – Fine Arts Graduate Exhibition upon completion.

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Office of Fine Arts

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Office of Media Digital Art

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Office of Architecture & Interior

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Office of Film & Photography

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Office of Fashion Design


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